Friday, February 23

SCM Video Humor

I recently did a YouTube search for the popular SCM tools on the market. Results presented In alphabetical order.

- much easier to install than clearcase.
- with a single user interface.
- and flexible stream-based software development models.
- this one is just neurotic.
- no wrappers or scripts here.
- and especially developer friendly.

- no match. Apparently all related videos are in the attic.

- better than CVS but requires a super hero to use.
- unrelated, ironic video on not being able to escape.

- no match. Unrelated video about extracting an alien from a human womb.

- no match. Unrelated "talent" show with a singer wearing shades to hide his identity.

- no match. Unrelated video game. Great for up to 4 players.

1 comment:

Mike Kramlich / Groglogic said...

any company that uses YouTube to promote their product has got to be cool.

regardless, i agree with the comparisons made in the videos i saw. i've used both ClearCase and Accurev alot and the former was a piece of shit. It "worked" but that was about the nicest thing I could say about it. My first impression of Accurev in fact was that somebody set out to make a smarter more Apple-y redesign of what ClearCase was trying to do.